We are professional online marketing team with Google AdWords certification that approved and certified by Google Academy for Ads. We are specialized in Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads. Precisely targeting your customers through the research and analysis of your services or products. Your audiences and potential customers can be targeted accurately by online advertising and marketing campaigns that we managed for you. 


  • Certified Google Ads service provider
  • Research to come up with a strategy
  • Keywords research & manage
  • Advertising campaigns setup
  • Campaigns monitoring
  • Campaigns optimization
  • Generate instant traffic to your website
  • Increase website leads and conversions
  • Improve targeted traffic to your website
  • Maximize the ROI on your PPC investment

In addition, we can create various online advertisement campaigns specifically to your business to generate clicks, traffic and leads for every dollar of online marketing spending for your business. 

We are professionalized and experienced in managing online  PPC, CPV advertising campaigns on those most popular social media platforms as follow:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Whatsapp Ads
  • SnapChat Ads
  • WeChat Ads

We can also help you to grow your business via our online resources including EasyCa WeChat banner ads, Easyca.ca web banner ads, and more. Call us now at (647) 728-1355 to  increase the efficiency and save your energy on Internet marketing!

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